Anonymous asked: What's happening in Hong Kong????


Protests are happening in the Central & Western District, the Wan Chai District and the Kowloon District of Hong Kong since 22nd September, since Beijing withdrew their promise of universal suffrage for Hong Kong. These protests were meant to be and are PEACEFUL PROTESTS.

Yet police in riot gear are attacking crowds of UNARMED pro-democracy student protesters and protesters from the Occupy Central movement (a civil disobedience movement aimed at achieving universal suffrage occurring in Hong Kong). At least NOW TV, BBC NEWS, and APPLE DAILY have confirmed that pepper spray and rubber bullets are being fired at demonstrators and there is tear gas being launched into crowds and it’s spreading INSIDE the Central MTR station. 

Judging from all the photos and Apple Daily news reports I’ve seen, there are police stationed at Lippo Center, outside Lan Kwai, and Jordan + Tung Chung MTR stations look entirely closed off to everyone but the police. There are protesting crowds in Causeway, in Mong Kok on Argyle Street, in the HKAPA and the entirety of Gloucester road is FILLED with protesters.

Hong Kong is no longer safe. Central has been paralyzed. 

There’s a live feed of everything that’s happening here


see how media in mainland china describe the protest in hong kong…
"thousands of hong kongers gathered to celebrate chinese national day and supported the "current universal suffrage arrangement"

this is what hong kong’s gonna become if we dont fight back now…

pure horror!!!

Fully-armed riot police are beating peaceful protesters with batons, firing tear gas rounds into the crowd, carrying rifles and threatening to shoot the crowd. This is happening RIGHT NOW in Hong Kong, and the situation is escalating quickly. There’s a livestream HERE and the South China Morning Post is posting updates on its Twitter and their website#OccupyCentral




Don’t make me use them, I’ll make it look like an accident….

Yeahhhhh…. No.

If gyaru gave two shits about male opinions on their physical appearance they wouldn’t have had a Yamanba phase. They wouldn’t often tan, wear hair up to high heaven, or wear nails that could castrate if you pissed them off. And they sure as fuck wouldn’t be sporting excessive d.i.a belts, frilly Liz Lisa EVERYTHING, NEON as fuck Co&Lu, or MA*RS heels taller than your dick is long if they even slightly cared what you think. But the brilliant thing is, gyaru give no fucks. None. Never.

Sure, the nails get in the way. But that’s fine if we want it that way and they’re sure as hell cute. In fact, they’re “all the better to flip you off with, my dear.”

^ that comment right there


why can’t people dislike a ship just because??? like why does there always need to be some deep philosophical feminist moralistic progressive reasoning behind it? i am allowed to hate a fictional relationship just because i think it’s stupid and it irritates me ok?

Ciel Phantomhive - Yana Toboso

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i’m really behind on kagesuga week bc i was already behind for day 3 and then last night my laptop charger died so my laptop ran out of batteries and just shut down and i spent the whole night worrying about whether it’s just a charger problem or if it’s a laptop problem thank god it’s just a charger problem but that doesn’t change the fact that i’m still really behind…

Anonymous asked: what age is the youngest you would date?

At least legal age, and probably within a 5-year range of my own age!

"[These] are your hidden weapons, Kunimi-chan. But when everyone else is exhaused, I’ll make sure you work even harder."

self-indulgent gifset about Kunimi Akira in ep.24

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Anonymous asked: your skin looks so awesome, mind sharing what is your skincare routine? :o

My skin isn’t really that awesome at all! ;w; I used to be more bothered to do fancy things like having a 7-step routine (which includes putting on things like essence and serum etc. and is definitely recommended if you have the time and resources!) but now I just use a milk cleanser, toner and moisturizer! Every now and then if I feel like there’s a lot of dead skin I like to replace the milk cleanser with a light exfoliating cleanser or if my skin isn’t moisturized enough I use a leave-in face mask (both of which are from Laneige because my skin has been quite compatible with that brand).

But yeah, I don’t do anything special to it! I also definitely don’t have very nice skin but it’s manageable and doesn’t get very many breakouts unless I’m on my period. (´゚ω゚`)b

Anonymous asked: OMGGGGG, It's really out XD Kagesuga is so nice <3 Mama Crowww~~ Thanks so much for doing that and I look forward to tomorrow's KAGESUGA!!!! Fighting!

LATE LATE REPLY BUT YES IT’S OUT AND SO IS THE SECOND ONE! ヽ(´▽`)/ biu jeh worked hard on this sobsssss and now for day 3……

thecakeyone asked: Congrats on your lovely art!! I love your style aahh (・ω<) <3

Waaah thank you so much! This is so great to wake up to! (*´∀`*)♥


Day Two (9.23 | Tuesday)
♕ Crossdressing or Suits


Day One (9.22 | Monday)
♕ Animal or Seasons

Anonymous asked: I am really looking forward to your Kagesuga Fanart <3 Your drawings are perfect so don't erase and re-draw too many times! I like them even if Kagesuga are stickmen 0.0b Hope you can complete all the themes in no time and continue your game~

DEAR COUSINNNN thank you for your continuous support all the time (AND ESPECIALLY TODAY BECAUSE ARTBLOCK!) ♥ i’ll be working hard on the kagesugaaaa!! and watch me actually draw stickmen when i get to day 7……