osharetsu said: ahhhh i know the feels. my sister gives me a warning whenever someone posts something i’mm afraid of on fb or twitter too! i know how you feel, sharks are the worst!! ;;

yeahhh especially when it’s something really common/ordinary to everybody else?? it really helps a lot and i don’t think the people themselves realize how big a favor they’re doing us just by letting us know ;w;! i actually have a lot of friends who LOVE sharks and sometimes they forget to tag things too and that’s completely okay i know how hard it is to keep in mind all the time that ONE OF YOUR FRIENDS is uncomfortable with it but just those occasional times when people do take the extra step, i think is really sweet…♡

mom is so nice she sent me shark alerts ;3;♡

this little baby princess was sent to the hospital yesterday night because her asthma got really bad and she even had problems lying down. right now, the doctors put her in an oxygen box to help with her breathing but she’s not eating much and has trouble taking the medicine too. she’s 9 years old and we’re told to be prepared but who can ever be prepared? most of you who know me know i spoil this fluffy thing rotten so seeing her suffering so much right now is really painful.

stay strong, my baby :’(

we’ll come and bring you home soon.


What tumblr users really need to stop doing:

• post information that isn’t final and demand immediate actions
• abuse the petition system because stop
• send anon hate
•bully people for misinformation
• bully celebrities
•bully people for opinions


i haven’t drawn these dumbdumbs together in forever

Barakamon Episode 3-Mature Naru

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so basically, parents and relatives concluded that i really did gain too much weight (at least 10lbs) since last summer and it’s apparently not only showing on my body but on my face as well so i’m being put on a diet ahahahaaaa ;;

which i don’t mind at all actually because i did notice myself gaining weight too and i’m kind of glad they’re all being really frank about it (re today: FIONA YOU’RE TURNING INTO A FEI POH (fatass) YOU NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT BEFORE IT GETS ANY WORSE) and are helping me diet rather than just letting me eat the way i do now… except we’re all pretty realistic and know i don’t — exercise at all, so it’s really just cutting down on food and snacks altogether until i bounce back to a smaller appetite. :’c

BUT THEN there’s my grandma who’s really insistent on just letting me eat as much as possible bc “SHE’S NOT FAT SHE’S FINE THE WAY SHE IS” which imo is a lot of positive thinking on her part and as much as i know she cares, saying things like that can be pretty irresponsible considering my mom AND relatives know how much i used to be concerned over my weight so i probably will end up hating myself a lot if i continue on like this ;;;;;

so i’m. on a diet. or something. which will be really hard because i’ll have to say bye bye to all my favourite foods for a while and i’ll probably be crying over cake withdrawal and it’s going to be tough but let’s see if i can at least get this stomach flatter again…

i’ll never forget this for the rest of my life pocky-san

Anonymous asked: You've been to Japan, right?! I'll have ONE last chance to go visit Japan before I start teaching over there, and I know I'm probably gonna be placed in the countryside or somewhere equally undesirable. I haven't been outside Tokyo, so where should I go: Osaka, Kyoto, Okinawa...? strengths/weaknesses of each?

I haven’t been to Japan that many times myself? I’ve only been three times to Tokyo and twice to Osaka, so I can’t really vouch for any of the other places considering I don’t know anything about them, sorry. ;;

Anonymous asked: What's the largest age gap that you can accept between you and your partner?

i haven’t really thought about that. i’ve only dated people around my age or at most 5 years my senior max? i have friends/relatives who have dated people 10 years their senior/junior and some work out pretty nicely so depending on how they’re like i guess i wouldn’t mind a big age gap too much either anymore than 10 though i’m not sure how i’d feel about since our values would have an even bigger gap but then again i mean kouen is 28 and we’re totally doing great so…

ARTIST: YURiCa, Hanatan
SONG: Kuusou Shoujo he no Koi Tegami
ALBUM: Primrose Flower Voice


Love Letter to an Imaginary Girl

yowapeda fic: practice makes perfect


summary: Arakita accidentally agrees to find Toudou a kissing partner. Things get complicated, and Arakita regrets everything. [also on ao3]

pairing: Arakita/Toudou

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