Shigino Kisumi | Free! Eternal Summer | Episode 8

trollincupcakes said: ohhhhh i want pictures of the cosplay once it’s done!!!

of course!! i don’t know if i’ll be doing a photoshoot tbh but i’ll at least have the costume in hand and will probably camwhore 8)

puellamagiringo said: omer literally said “hi kenma!” and only afterwards realized it was you ahahah she didn’t recognize you behind that kenma cosplay - success! (you can now lead the life of a small japanese cutie)

omg omerrrrr that is so cute of her alskgjah i shall take that as a compliment thank you!! and i don’t even have my jersey yet JUST YOU WAIT TILL I GET MY NEKOMA JERSEY IT’S ON ITS WAY *A*b

nekoma jersey has yet to arrive but all done with kenma wiggg \o/

also this is my manga order for this month (still have 5 books coming) now i cant buy anymore till my next paycheck….

also i went out really quickly during lunch break yesterday to shop and bought these KAGESUGAAAAA♡ ACTUALLY ALSO GOT KUROO BUT HE’S NOT UP ON THE WALL YET BC MY KENMA POSTER IS STILL ARRIVING

didn’t like any of the kenma wigs i saw online so got a blond one and decided to marker it myself last night. I WANT TO CUT IT NOW BUT I CAN’T FIND MY WIG STAND LOOK HOW I’M SKILLFULLY MARKERING THIS SHIT ON MY KNEE

i also get really grumpy remembering how long i’ve known kee for but still haven’t met her in person yet like if she ever came to hong kong i’d probably koala cling her the entire time even if we’re sweating like pigs under the sun you know??

i was getting grumpy over work stuff but then it’s done and azusa comforted me and it’s the weekends so i feel much better now

if you think about it tsukisuga is like yuuta/chizuru


shuukyo said: you’re on SUGA LEVEL??? holy ants get married already

I WAS GONNA SAY WE’RE MARRIED ALREADY but then i just rmb’d we divorced

to commemorate the special day that is today when kee told me she loves me SUGA LEVEL